LYONS, Feb. 27, 2014 – The Lyons Community Foundation unveils plans to continue Rebuild Lyons with a broader focus encompassing critical community projects.

Many critical needs persist in Lyons including a dire gap in affordable housing and parks that are not safe for children. Although daunting, our community is determined to rebuild affordable housing, care for our residents, rebuild our parks, businesses, and public infrastructure. Long-term recovery efforts are underway and need our support. “LCF plays a vital role in Lyons flood recovery by connecting people who care with recovery projects that matter” says Julie Van Domlen, Mayor of Lyons. 

Applications to the Rebuild Lyons Fund can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Lyons Community Foundation Advisory Board. Grant applications are available here. Our goal is to make initial grant funding recommendations as soon as mid-April. 

To our many generous supporters: Thank you! We still need you! “We are excited to be continuing the successful Rebuild Lyons flood recovery campaign to support the most critical needs in the Lyons community. We hope to raise and award another million dollars this year,” declares Emily Dusel, LCF Executive Director.

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